Nikon Z9 Teardown: A Look Inside the Monster Flagship Mirrorless Camera – PetaPixel

The Nikon Z9 is here and ready to take on the Sony A1 and Canon R3 for the title of ‘Mirrorless Flagship.’ We can argue all day about which camera is the best, but there’s no question that this one is the biggest. Mirrorless cameras have all been lighter and more compact than their DSLR counterparts, but with Z9 and the R3, Nikon and Canon have changed that.

While there were a few notable updates with the Z7 II, it was overall a very similar camera to its predecessor. The Z…….


The Big Mistake We Hope Canon APS-C Cameras Don’t Have – The Phoblographer

We’ve said it many times: lenses are more important than your camera. And there’s no exception to that rule with the new Canon APS-C cameras. The Canon RF-M lens lineup should strive to not only appeal to a customer base seeking cheap thrills. But the lineup should include higher-end lenses. Canon, years ago, had a 17-55mm f2.8 lens. Considering what they’ve done for the L-series of RF mount lenses, they should give the same treatment to RF-M lenses.



Eight pivotal moments in the police response to the Uvalde shooting, captured by officers’ body cameras – The Texas Tribune


Ohio law allowing cameras in nursing home rooms to prevent abuse goes into effect – FOX 2 Detroit


Esther Piskor, whose abuse inspired the Ohio state “Esther’s Law,” is pictured in provided family photos. (Photos: Provided / Steve Piskor)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A state law in Ohio allowing cameras and other electronic monitoring devices to be installed in the rooms of nursing home residents went into effect this week — the culmination of one man’s advocacy for over a decade after his elderly mother suffered abuse and neglect at a facility.



DC Mayor Hopes to Triple the Number of Traffic Enforcement Cameras – Washingtonian

Drivers in the District, get ready to slow down or pay up. 

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 2023 budget proposal includes an extensive expansion of the city’s automated traffic enforcement system in 2023, according to the Washington Post. Part of the overhaul, which would start in October, includes 170 new speed cameras (there are currently 85). Even more new cameras would penalize drivers for infractions like blocking bike and bus lanes or running stop signs—th…….


GOP Senator Ben Sasse rallies against cameras in Supreme Court – Axios

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) argued against the presence of cameras in the Supreme Court while pointing to the “jacka–ery” seen in Congress, after several of his colleagues aggressively questioned Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday.

What they’re saying: “Transparency is a virtue. Transparency is a good thing,” Sasse said, while also cautioning that “cameras change human behavior.”

“I think it should be a decision for the Supreme Court to make about whether or not th…….


The Most Innovative Cameras We’ve Seen Recently – The Phoblographer

There are cameras that claim to be innovative, but many are not. And we know most consumers want only the best and the most cutting-edge. So we’re rounding up the most innovative cameras that we’ve used in recent times. These cameras include some pretty exclusive things that make their companies so great. Want to know who’s at the top? Well, you’ll see in this roundup!

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Michigan Senate votes to ban red light cameras – Detroit News

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Ex-hacker reveals how cameras could be hidden in Airbnbs and hotels: ‘I’m sufficiently freaked’ – Yahoo News


A former hacker has shared one way to detect hidden cameras throughout various spots in Airbnbs and hotels.

Marcus Hutchins, @malwaretech, is a security researcher and ex-hacker that shares videos about cybersecurity on TikTok. In a clip shared last August, Hutchins revealed what to look for when trying to find hidden cameras in Airbnbs or hotels.

According to Hutchins, the first thing to search for are “devices that are conveniently placed where a c…….