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Sales of security cameras have continued to rise in recent years, as we all turned our homes into lockdown fortresses, and more and more people continue to work from home. Security cameras are among the most popular smart home devices – alongside smart speakers and lights – but the smart home market is about to go through a big change. In this round up we are looking at the best security cameras that you can use with your iPhone, iPad and Mac to keep your house secure.

HomeKit and Matter

The first question you may have is whether you need a camera with HomeKit in order to integrate it into your Apple Home setup. Luckily that isn’t the case – and for a good reason: Apple’s HomeKit technology hasn’t made much of an impact in the smart home market, trailing far behind Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, and there’s only a handful of security cameras that still support HomeKit.

The good news is that security cameras that don’t support HomeKit do provide their own apps for iOS devices, so they can still be used with your iPhone or iPad. Below you will find some of the best non-HomeKit security cameras here as well as our favorite HomeKit equipped options.

HomeKit is still around though and there are a number of benefits to HomeKit along with some very useful features specific to Apple devices. For example, security cameras that support HomeKit don’t need a special app, as they can be controlled with Apple’s own Home app alongside all your other HomeKit-compatible smart devices. And, importantly, the Home app runs on most Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad, but also the Mac and the Apple TV box too, giving you a wide range of options for viewing and controlling all your HomeKit cameras and smart devices.

There are other advantages to having a security camera that supports HomeKit, too. As you’d expect, most security cameras will send you a notification when they detect an intruder, and will allow you to stream live video from the camera so that you can see what’s going on at home. However, many security cameras require an additional subscription if you want to store your video recordings online (where criminals can’t get at the video, and it can be used as evidence if necessary).

Cameras that support HomeKit can also store video recordings online as part of an iCloud+ account. This is a really affordable option for owners of security cameras, as iCloud+ subscription prices start at just $0.99/£0.79 per month with 50GB of online storage for your personal iCloud Drive. That 50GB subscription allows you to store security footage from a single camera – but, crucially, your camera recordings aren’t counted as part of that 50GB of storage, so you still have the full 50GB available for …….


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