Ex-hacker reveals how cameras could be hidden in Airbnbs and hotels: ‘I’m sufficiently freaked’ – Yahoo News



A former hacker has shared one way to detect hidden cameras throughout various spots in Airbnbs and hotels.

Marcus Hutchins, @malwaretech, is a security researcher and ex-hacker that shares videos about cybersecurity on TikTok. In a clip shared last August, Hutchins revealed what to look for when trying to find hidden cameras in Airbnbs or hotels.

According to Hutchins, the first thing to search for are “devices that are conveniently placed where a creeper would want to look.” For his first example, he directed a flashlight towards a fire alarm above a bed.

“One way to see if the device is a camera is to shine a bright light at it,” he explained. “If you hit a camera lens, it’s going to give a blue reflection.”

He noted that one way to test the technique is by shining a light at a cellphone camera and see what it looks like “when placed under a flashlight.”

Hutchins then took his flashlight, shined it on a digital clock, and discovered that there was a camera in there.

“This clock is mirrored, but if we shine a bright light on it, we can see through the glass and see there’s a camera there,” he said. “This technique can also work on two-way mirrors.”

He described how the camera in the clock was USB powered and plugged into a wall charger. And within the charger, he saw a “little pinhole in the middle,” which was another “camera lens.”

“The camera is USB charged, and the wall charger it’s plugged into is actually also a camera,” he said. “If we shine a light on it, you can see that little pinhole in the middle with the blue reflection, that is the camera lens.”

He explained how night vision cameras can also be used and hidden within devices, like the fire alarm. So, with the lights off and using the “front-facing” camera on his phone, Hutchins saw LED lights, used for a hidden camera, in the fire alarm.

“Night vision cameras use infrared LEDs to see and, if we turn off the lights and use the front-facing phone camera, we can actually see these LEDs,” he said.

He acknowledged how there were LED lights for cameras in the digital clock, as well. Once he covered the “main LED [light],” which showed the actual time, he could see the light from the camera “a lot better.”

Hutchins expressed how he wouldn’t “rely on this method” for spotting bathroom cameras because “people don’t usually shower in the dark.”

“So, if they’re placing cameras in the bathroom, then they’re probably not going to bother with night vision,” he said.



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