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The Griffin Post’s expedition team went on a treasure hunt for six days of searching the Walsh Glacier in Yukon’s Kluane National Park in Canada, for a decades-old cache of cameras. The cameras was left behind by legendary mountaineer Bradford Washburn 85 years before. This is reported by CBC.

The team recovered a portion of Washburn’s cherished aerial F-8 camera, as well as two motion picture cameras and old climbing gear, tents and cooking items.

“It was just the full array of gear from what they were using in the 1930s,” said Post, a professional skier and mountain explorer.

Aside from the success of finding the gear, Post said the trip also gave the scientific community a significant amount of data on how the glacier has developed.

“They have all this information of how this glacier has behaved over the last 85 years — which is a pretty cool contribution to science,” he said.

Washburn’s gear is now with a team of conservators from Parks Canada, who are working to preserve the artifacts.


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