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There are cameras that claim to be innovative, but many are not. And we know most consumers want only the best and the most cutting-edge. So we’re rounding up the most innovative cameras that we’ve used in recent times. These cameras include some pretty exclusive things that make their companies so great. Want to know who’s at the top? Well, you’ll see in this roundup!

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How We Select the Most Innovative Cameras

Here’s some insight into our selection of the most innovative cameras:

  • When it comes to innovation, we mean that the camera is the very first to do something we’re pretty sure won’t be superseded for a long time.
  • The most innovative cameras are ones you can be very happy with for a very long time.
  • We’ve reviewed these cameras ourselves and we’re including links to our full reviews. We wouldn’t call these the most innovative cameras without testing them first.
  • These cameras all have features you’ll use in some fashion or another. But for example, Canon’s Eye-Control AF isn’t a feature for everyone.

Canon EOS R3


  • Impressive autofocus performance with both action and low light
  • Face recognition works phenomenally well, even on birds and in dark scenes
  • Reduced rolling shutter distortion and 1/180 flash sync with electronic shutter
  • Excellent noise reduction at high ISOs
  • Eye Control AF
  • Built-in vertical grip
  • Lots of great controls
  • Weather-sealed


  • Resolution is lower than competitors (but this is partially why low light quality is so great)
  • Higher learning curve
  • Hot shoe adapter recommended for weather-sealing with older flashes
  • Heavier and larger than the R5 and R6
  • Pricey


In our review, we state:

“Canon wasn’t the first to announce a sports-focused, mirrorless flagship; it competes with the speed of the Sony A1 and the Nikon Z9. But, there’s still a lot of innovation here. Canon has included Eye Control AF, which was previously on some of their film cameras. This moves the autofocus point to whatever part of the frame …….


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